MOVING IN LOVE, a documentary


In the name of love,  Michelle boards a plane with a one way ticket to Mongolia leaving her job, house, and horse behind.

A year before, Michelle and her friend, Anne,  set out for the vacation of a lifetime, horse trekking through Mongolia’s vast and unadulterated landscape.  In this foreign and at times mysterious land, she finds happiness, peace and a sense of home she’s never felt before. Michelle’s awakening was in large part due to the relationship that quickly develops with her tour guide, Aggie , which she and Anne quickly nicknamed “the most beautiful man in Mongolia”.

Michelle is terrified to step off the plane, knowing that it’s a possibility that the genuine love she thought she had found could be a scam. Despite all her doubts and hopes of the life she expected, Michelle is shocked at what awaits her when she arrives at her new home. Jessica Roberts’s documentary brings Michelle’s journey from tourist to ‘love migrant’ to life through colorful testimonies and tourist footage that serendipitously captured this story of love and adventure.